Things i learned at Camp


Have you ever slept on a wooden plank in the middle of the forest? They called this, CAMP! This is the first and the best camp experience I’ve ever had. Hello it’s me, and I had some neat experiences at Gr7 camp.

It was a damp, drizzly, afternoon as our group of seven slid up to the 55ft wall. I felt confident that I’d make it to the top of the climbing wall. I had no problem getting up the cargo net, but when I looked down for a place to put my foot, I almost passed out! I hadn’t realized how high up I was. NEVER look down! It made me feel like my heart had dropped into my stomach. I was shaking, and feeling weak. I no longer wanted to climb so I came back down still shivering and weak. Lesson learned, never look down while your climbing.

Our group,” The Mashed Potatoes” walked into a miniature field of cut, green grass. Our group leader got us to play some team building games, which we had a hard time with. The boy, girl thing was a problem to start with, because we didn’t want to work with each other. The team may be all people you don’t like or don’t know’ but you still need to work together to get a good end result. Don’t be afraid to try new thing’s at camp. Thinking about being in a harness is scary, but it’s all in your head. There is no danger unless you do something that shouldn’t be doing. From this we learned that we had to work as a team to get anything done. It did take some time though.

Don’t pack LIGHTLY!. You should not pack lightly when going to camp the first day was SOOO cold and damp in the cabanas where I was and we had to sleep on wood pretty much so bring a blanket and wear socks when sleeping if its cold because if you don’t you will freeze unless your in a cabin because its warm in there at least I heard. So I learned you shouldn’t be afraid to pack extra but not to much.

That’s the experiences I had at camp and I really loved it overall I might go to camp in the summer this year or one year

Those are the thing I learned at camp. By: Ethan stock

Xbox or PlayStation

Yo viewer’s! it’s Ethan Image result for xbox one s

Today i’m going to be talking about my new (Xbox one s) and my opinion’s on PlayStation and Xbox.

I just got a new Xbox for Christmas this year the Xbox one s (The S stands for Slim) its 40% smaller than the old one and it has 4K and doesn’t look like a huge old  VCR.

The reason I got the newer one was because it was cheaper than the old one and smaller and cooler because the controller’s are remodeled at the top and now have Bluetooth and you can play on your PC with it if you have windows 10.

My opinions on PlayStation are its just as good as the Xbox but I like Xbox more because I had an Xbox 360 as my first console so I wasn’t going to change over to a different console when I loved the won I already had so I just got a new one.

I don’t have anything against PlayStation and I have a PS2. I just trust Xbox more because its Microsoft and they own google and stuff like that and I think I trust my stuff more with them.

Which do you prefer??? tell me why. Xbox VS PlayStation.

Cupid Traps

Today I’m going to write about our cupid trap that I built with my friend Eli. The reason we built the trap was to catch cupid to spread love around our school and so he can give us chocolate. How it works is cupid smells lots of chocolate inside and he walks in and the door closes and the boot comes down when it closes and it’s locked shut.

Is Valentine’s Day a special day to you where you live? If so Why. Thanks for reading my post comment and i will back.

ABC’S 123

Schul ABC 263/366Creative Commons License Dennis Skley via Compfight

A Apples I love apples because they are my favorite fruit

B Bunnys are cute but I don’t think I would ever have one as a pet cuz I already have 2 dogs and a cat 😛

C My favorite car is an Aston Martin v12 vantage

D Dogs I love all dogs except for the really hairy ones

E Eggs I love eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and boiled eggs to

F Fries are delicious and salty and soggy and tasty

G Google is a great search engine

H Hi I like to say hi to people

I Icecream I like eating icecream it’s cold and yummy in the summer

J Jigsaw puzzles are fun when your board

K Kayaks I like kayaking

L Laughing everyone does it don’t be ashamed of it

M Mom I love my mom she takes care of me

N Ilike watching netflix

O I love opening presents on Christmas

P Peanuts are my favorite snack

Q My friends last name is quinn

R Reading is not very fun unless I find a book I am in to

S Shooting is very fun when you get a bullseye

T Trains are scary

U I am useless when it comes to doing chores

V Dodge vipers are fast

W This whole thing is made up of words

X I like playing Xbox

Y Yelling is fun for me at least when I am  mad

Z Zamboni’s are used to clean the ice
By Ethan

Christmas MOVIES!!!

Pug Christmas CardCreative Commons License DaPuglet via Compfight

Hello every one today I have to make a Christmas post and i’m going to be talking about movies and question what is your favorite movie.

My favorite Christmas movie is the original Home Alone from 1990 and home alone lost in New York 1992 i find the kid they used in both the originals was awesome and funny the newer one’s without him are not as funny as the old one’s do you agree comment below.


The day I Survived a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!

AuTrain Grocery yooperann via Compfightt 

AAAAAAAAAA…  The zombie was chasing me. I thought I was dead! I didn’t know where I even was… somewhere across town. The town was so destroyed I couldn’t tell where I was. Burning cars and buildings everywhere, that’s all there was as far as the eye can see.

“The airport,” I thought. “Maybe there are people there. But if there are  lots of people there, that means zombies, lots of zombies.”

So I headed out of town somewhere where there would be no zombies. There was still power in places and the military was around so that meant more zombies or more people. I think the military is going to bomb the city to destroy them all before it spreads around the whole world.

I had to get to a city where it wasn’t infected but first I need a car.

“I’d rather a truck,” I thought, and that’s exactly what He found a big truck that no zombies could flip or get me inside it, and like that I started my journey.

I drove for a day and he finally found a new gas station abandoned and I was hungry and needed shelter and food. I filled up the truck and went into the store. I checked the back of the store and found a shotgun in a backpack and some ammunition 50 rounds. There were no zombies in the store or a sign of one. I put some food like energy drinks and chocolate bars and energy bars in my backpack and some cereal, but no milk because it would go bad in the hot truck.

I locked up the store and went into the back and slept. I woke up to the sound of a military jet flying overhead. I went outside and I could see explosions in the city. It was blown up.

“Yessss!” I said. ‘All the zombies are finally gone!”

I left the gun and rounds in the store and drove for days to the border.

When I got there >>>i said, “I’m from Vancouver BC. My town was blown up because of zombies.

hey said, “We will let you across. You’re lucky you made it out alive. I said, “I know. I drove out two days ago and slept in an abandoned gas station.”

The guy let me across and I went to the hospital and told them what happened. They did a checkup on me and I was fine, other than dehydrated.

I left feeling shocked to make it out.



Home is

Home is a place where I eat, sleep, and have fun. My favorite food is garlic bread.

Home is a place where I play video games and watch TV. My favorite show is Highway to Hell.

Home is where I play with my little dog named Cali. she is a Jack Russel. She has a blue eye and a brown eye. she is all white and has a black tail and black ears and a black spot around her eye.

Home is a place where I can watch YouTube videos and laugh at epic fails.

Home is a warm place where I can relax and feel safe and love my family.



I love playing Minecraft. I like to build houses and cars and planes. You may wonder what kind of houses I build. I build famous people’s houses and houses like my own house. Sadly, I probably can’t show you a picture of my house that I built because it looks almost identical. I have a world that is a city of houses pretty much.
If I had to guess I would say I probably have placed over five hundred thousand blocks. It is crazy. I had to delete the world though because it took up too much space even though I have 32 gb on my iPad.

img_0059This is and example of one houses I built when I was bored

Hello world!

Hello friends and other people I will probably never meet.  I am so excited to start my blog. This is going to be a long fun ride through our school year with my class.

Sincerely, Ethan